Smoky Paprika Chicken with Peppers and Onions

Late summer means fantastic peppers are showing up in the Farmers Market. Take advantage of these twisty, colorful beauties in this recipe.  Look for pimento peppers, sweet sunset, and hybrid blaze…but if you can’t get to the Farmers Market, you can still substitute bell peppers or sweet Italian peppers. serves 2 (with leftovers) For the … More Smoky Paprika Chicken with Peppers and Onions

Salt Baked Shrimp

These are everything. Salty. Crispy. Sweet. Spicy. Contrary to what the name of this dish suggests, Salt Baked Shrimp are not baked – they are (yummily) wok-fried. This is a dry, sauce-less dish that is quite spicy. serves 4 For the shrimp: 1 lbs shrimp, peeled and de-veined note: wild caught shrimp are best, though … More Salt Baked Shrimp

Spiced Plum Puree

After my weekend outing to the Farmers Market, I found myself with more plums than I knew what to do with. So I made this delicious puree. You can use this for a lot of things, like serving it as an accompaniment with cheese (as pictured here), a topping for ice cream or pudding, or … More Spiced Plum Puree

Deviled Eggs

For some reason, deviled eggs always feel simultaneously like a comfort food and a luxury. Their simplicity and creaminess make them irresistible. I adore these for a high protein afternoon snack, but they also make an excellent side dish at a BBQ or offering at a potluck. They look like a lot of work, but … More Deviled Eggs