How to use this site

My goal here is to post fabulous recipes that happen to be gluten-free and do not incorporate substitutes for wheat products. Thus, you won’t find any pasta dishes here. Ditto pizza and sandwiches, muffins, sweet breads, cakes, cookies, etc. In fact, the only traditional “gluten-free” special product you’ll see used regularly here is gluten-free soy sauce. I also try to keep refined sugars to a minimum and to use whole, organic ingredients whenever possible.

To search for individual recipes, use the navigation bar on the right side of the screen, which will allow you to browse recipes categorized as breakfast, snacks, salads & sides, meaty mains, fish & shellfish, and sweets.

Each recipe includes menu suggestions, linking to other recipes that can be paired with it to make a complete meal. As the site grows, so will the menus. Look at the bottom of each recipe for the menu suggestions.

I’ll also periodically include posts that discuss my philosophy on food, eating gluten-free while traveling, information on wonderful ingredients and the best ways to use them, and even ideas for planning and throwing fabulous dinner parties. These posts will all be clustered under the “musings” category.

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